America is launching the Reign of Kong which brings this fantastic legend to life in the most imaginative way. Visitors can join an expedition at Universal Orlando Resort which takes thrill-seekers to a deep and dark mysterious world. The plan is to discover creatures unknown with the 8th Wonder Expedition Company who are the dedicated research team leading this exciting trip.

Just image braving ancient temple ruins and meeting hostile natives as guests board a huge 40-foot-long, 17-tons expedition vehicle to navigate the formidable terrain.

Interestingly, the especially designed expedition vehicle operates on a completely trackless ride system. This allows guests to venture deeper into the ominous island and before long they will discover a brutal struggle between beasts of unimaginable size and ferocity.

But, wait!  There is more to come as the fearsome creatures turn on the expedition, there is an even more enormous, earth-pounding presence. It is the real Kong – in the flesh. It is hard to imagine such a sight towering nearly three stories tall. 

Get ready to approach him and be so close that you can feel his breath and sense his emotion. But is he friend or foe?  Naturally, the only way to discover the answer is to travel to Orlando’s finest theme park and experience the Reign of Kong. 

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