Theodore Roosevelt National Park North Unit Scenic Byway, North Dakota

The Theodore Roosevelt National Park North Unit byway allows drivers to view the beautiful, untouched nature of the Badlands at their own pace.

Discover the Oxbrow Overlook with its utterly amazing view of an oxbow in the Little Missouri River and panoramic view of the Badlands.  Exploration continues as drivers peruse alongside magnificent bison on the wild North Great Plains. The Theodore Roosevelt North Unit scenic byway is 13.7 miles long and full of natural beauty.

Awesome Mount Rushmore

Drivers making their way through the winding tunnels of Iron Mountain Road will be met with an awesome view of Mount Rushmore, framed perfectly by the rocky tunnel exit.

With lots of swerves, corners and wooden structures it is a route for adventurous drivers.   The road takes explorers through deciduous forests that are home to mountain goats and beautiful elk.

Drive back in time along the Wind River Canyon, Wyoming

Boasting some of the oldest rock formations in the world, Wind River Canyon is a true lesson in geological history.

With rock walls raising over 2,500 feet dating back to the Precambrian period almost 5 billion years ago, it is a scenic drive.

Explore gigantic glaciers on Going to the Sun Road, Montana

For unique, breath-taking views, tourists can follow the evocatively-named Going to the Sun Road, located in the depths of Glacier National Park.

Cruise through almost every kind of terrain, including majestic glacial lakes, lower valleys and windswept alpine tundra – this is a driving experience like no other!  With narrow, steep elevation changes and huge glaciers as its backdrop, this road is not for the faint hearted.

This fabulous trip is sure to provide plenty of fabulous photography opportunities.