Days out with the kids can often be difficult to plan, we want to make sure they are fun, educational and exciting. Sometimes, after a week of work, we often lack inspiration. Hundredrooms the holiday rental comparison website has searched high and low to find Britain's most exciting locations.

Garden of Cosmic Speculation, Holywood, Scotland - Garden design with a twist, yet again we find ourselves in another fantastic garden, this time one of Charles Jencks, an architecture theorist. Consisting of five major areas all incorporating the worlds of art, nature and science, this garden really does play tricks with your eyes. Inspired by black holes, the ´Big Bang´ and and even the string theory, the Garden of Cosmic Speculation really is a treat for those physicists among us.

Dr Neils Garden, Edinburgh - One of Scotlands most remarkable gardens, lying next to Duddingston Kirk is somewhat of a hidden gem, and is often referred to as Edinburgh's Secret Garden.  A place of inspiration, meditation and contemplation, this garden really is a special place to enjoy and share with others.

The Italian Chapel, Orkney, Scotland - An ornate Catholic chapel located on the outer hebridean island of Orkney, this Italian Chapel was constructed by Italian POW´s during the Second World War. It is one of Orkney's most visited locations yet to the rest of the world, it remains a secret.

The Dark Hedges, Northern Ireland - Planted by the Stuart family in the eighteenth century, Ireland's most mystic lane was used as a filming location for Game of Thrones, representing the King´s Road. The interlinking of the branches has created a shadowy tunnel which could be one of the world's most atmospheric roads. Just don't walk it alone in the dark. 

Longleat Hedge Maze, Warminster, England - Twists, turns, dead ends and a whole lot of hedges. The world's longest maze located in between Bath and Salisbury is somewhere you definitely need to get lost at least once in your life. The maze is constructed from more than 16,000 English yews and covers a staggering 1.48 acres with 1.69 miles of pathway, all this in the back garden of the Marquesses of Bath.

St. Michael´s Mount, England - St Michael´s Mount is one of 43 tidal islands within walking distance of mainland Britain and only accessible during certain times. Watch you don't get stuck there! In modern days, the island is home to to a 15th century chapel, 8 houses, a cemetery for drowned sailors and a castle. Tours are available of the island where you can learn all about its colourful history.

Llechwedd Caverns Trampoline Park, Gwynedd, Wales - What else would you expect to find inside an abandoned slate mine, other than a trampoline park?! This subterranean playground really is like no other, accessing it by an old mine train, once you pass through the unused caverns you will find huge trampolines suspended underground waiting to propel its visitors around the old mine. The trampolines are leveled at 20 feet, 60 feet and 180 feet off the ground and to move between them, visitors need to crawl through tunnels, descend down spiral staircases or by transporting themselves using an industrial sized slide.

Blue Lagoon of Buxton, England - The Blue Lagoon is ever so inviting, as you enter the area, signs warn you of the polluted water you are just about to encounter and state that no one should enter the water. The lagoon is known to contain wrecks of cars, rubbish, dead animals and even excrement, which we imagine isn't very good for your skin. These signs are often ignored by families who drive to this beautiful blue lagoon with their kids lured by the tempting water to take a dip.

Baps Shri Swaminarayan Mandir, London - This little gem located in London is a Hindu temple that is popularly known as the Neasden Temple. Built using traditional methods and materials, it was Europe's first stone built temple. Its beautiful white stoned walls are a magnificent sight, a hidden treasure for those who love photography.

Parys Mountain, Wales - You would be forgiven for thinking that you had just landed on Mars. The alien like landscape known as Parys Mountain in Wales, looks like somewhere an alien would live. This mountain is the remains of centuries of copper mining, giving it such a harsh appearance and due to the contamination, few plants grow there. If you think you are brave enough to explore this mars like landscape, tours are available. 

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