A deserted wartime relic has been converted into a luxury seaside holiday home for two. This unique residence is located on the Shaldon estuary in south Devon and is an example of how a tiny home can be perfect for guests.

Possibly the most beautiful bombproof build in Britain, history buffs and lovers of the traditional English seaside holiday will adore this unusual abode. 

Historical story

The deserted wartime relic, which was built during World War II for two soldiers who guarded the Shaldon coastal defences, later became a studio for artists attracted by its wonderful estuary views. More recently it captured the imagination of a local family who transformed it into the unique luxury holiday home it is today.

The owners fell in love with the neglected guard house back in 2014 and have brought it bang into the 21st century with many modern cons, including a fantastic home automation system. Guests will find it interesting to see how the space within the building has been converted to its best advantage.

The unique transformation has made this little holiday getaway home a perfect experience for anyone who enjoys staying in unique places.

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