It is reassuring to hear that Uganda's third gorilla baby is the latest arrival at Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in the last couple of months. This means that Bwindi's population of mountain gorillas is the largest world-wide. Such a precious bundle belongs to the habituated Rushegura gorilla family. The family lives in the southern western part of Uganda which is a World Heritage site.

In November 2016, Businza, an adult female in the Rushegura mountain gorilla family, gave birth to a new baby. Originally from the Habinyanza family, Businza moved to her present family, Rushegura, in 2000. The new baby was spotted by a Uganda Wildlife Authority tracker. The UWA monitors all the habituated gorillas each day to check the gorillas are safe and to ensure no health problems are going unchecked.

It is without doubt that the consistent and sustained conservation efforts to ensure the survival of the mountain gorillas are reaping rewards. It is believed that the clean and safe habitat is the most important factor in the survival of the gorillas, including their health and wellbeing.

Another important factor is the National Park’s high level of conservation management which means a headcount of 450 gorillas. There are 10 groups of habituated gorillas in Bwindi, which is a small number compared to the larger numbers that live in the wild. Fewer than 900 mountain gorillas are left in the world, and only found in Uganda (over 50%), Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Seventeen members now make up the group. Interestingly, this also proves the scientific inter-birth interval for Bwindi as 5 years.

Mountain gorillas are awesome creatures and face so many threats which are saddening. However, the recent births at Bwindi provide heart warming news for the future.

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