Established in the seaside town of ÇeŇüme on Turkey’s Aegean coast in May 2013, the original Alancha has quickly gained a stellar reputation for its unique commitment to uncovering the origins of Anatolian cuisine and presenting dishes afresh in a spirit of creative spontaneity.

With a focus on terroir which informs a four-course bar menu, ‘cooktails’ created by mixologist Göksel Güleç, and a 20-course tasting experience, Demirasal’s Alancha celebrates spontaneity, foraging and the ancient origins of dishes.

The Alancha dining experience is part history lesson, part theatrical performance. An intensive 6-month research period into the big migration of Turkic tribes and the culinary history of Anatolia – beginning 12,000 years ago with the first cultivation of barley – underpin the Anatolian tasting menu at Alancha. Each course on the menu, invites you on a unique culinary journey, which will connect the significant historical past to the innovative dining present. 

Demirasal opted to study the science of cooking, rather than its techniques and recipes. Therefore, although the dishes at Alancha are informed by molecular science, the restaurant eschews the precision of modern molecular gastronomy, preferring the spontaneity associated with a constantly varying wood-fired oven instead.

A new Istanbul venture

Opening in the Maçka Armani Residence, in the heart of Istanbul’s luxury shopping and dining district, the Istanbul location for Alancha will feature a two-floors 80 person restaurant.  Alancha will also have a dedicated research and development floor featuring a library and test kitchens. Diners will be presented with a weekly changing four-course lunch menu, a seasonal evening tasting menu and the linner menu, blending breakfast, lunch and dinner. Cocktails will be a more serious offering than in the ÇeŇüme branch, with an emphasis on infusions and distillations carried out on site.

There is no doubt that the new Alancha will provide a totally unique and fascinating experience for diners.