The SanDisk Extreme® USB Flash Drive could be a most useful gadget for tech-savvy travellers. Its up to 64GB of storage will carry important documents, photos, movies and songs, wherever the destination, accessing them via any device equipped with a USB port. It reduces concerns about carrying a bulky laptop or harddrive and frees-up space, when luggage restrictions are tight.

The SanDisk Extreme Flash Drive is USB 3.0- enabled allowing transfer, storage and sharing of large files up to ten times faster, with speeds of up to 190MB/s. The drive reduces wait times dramatically for users, transferring smaller files almost instantaneously and larger files, such as 3GB in 20 seconds, or a 40GB file
in four minutes.

It comes with 2GB free online storage and is available worldwide in 16GB to 64GB capacities, priced from £19.99 to £64.99. More details from: