Planning a camping or motoring trip this year? Etón’s Axis is a new all in-one emergency survival gadget that could help get you out of trouble if you break down, get lost or get stuck in poor weather.

Besides sporting a flashing alert beacon and an emergency mobile telephone dump charger for smartphones and USB devices, it also includes an AM/FM radio, alarm clock and LED torch, all powered via its internal battery or handpowered crank handle.

One minute of manual winding the handle gives your phone another 30 seconds for a voice call, or 15 minutes of radio or flashlight. Alternatively, the Axis can also be powered with AAA batteries or with an AC adapter.

The device is weatherproof and features a telescopic antenna for enhanced range and reception as well as a 3.5mm headphone jack.

With an RRP of £69.99, it is available from online stores including Amazon UK. Click here to buy from Amazon UK