Whether you’re fleeing to a hot and luxurious holiday, or just simply taking a city break, having the right luggage is an essential part of travelling. With so many brands and options around, it’s hard to decide just which one is the best for you.

We recently tried out Revelation London’s large Abby suitcase and were more than impressed with its baggage credibility.

Sleek and compact, this handy suitcase is ideal for all occasions. Featuring a bold navy and green ditsy floral print, its colourful design is perfect for getting you in the holiday mood and is a stylish accessory to covet at the airport. What’s more, the bright pattern makes things super easy when you’re trying to spot your case on a conveyor belt post-flight.

But it’s not just its pretty appearance that makes this case well worth the purchase. Its hard outside shell and PC film means this number is hardwearing and durable through even the toughest of journeys; while keeping your precious items safe and protected inside.

Inside, this roomy case makes organised packing simple and straightforward. It includes a packing strap for securing your possessions and an internal pocket to store your toiletries or travel must-haves.

Transporting your case from A to B is also effortless thanks to its lightweight system and quad of 360 degree rotating wheels. Meanwhile, its rubber-coated top and side handles makes for a comfortable move. 

Spacious, tough enough to carry all our essentials and easy to carry around, this is set to become your ultimate travel luggage.

Cabin version: £59; Medium: £69, Large: £75.