Fact: the average life span of a plastic bottle is between 300 to 500 years! Now think about how many children’s plastic buckets and spades are washed out to sea every year.   Clever Zoë b Organic has designed a beautifully stylish, biodegradable toy set to delight youngsters. This innovative set is reassuringly made from corn, not petroleum and there are no toxic chemicals such as BPA or phthalates.  If in the unfortunate event that your toys are washed out to sea, they will break down in 2-3 years!   Styled as a square beach bucket with handy inbuilt handles that will not break off and sand-printing sides, a fun rounded shovel, plus two cute cups stored inside for water and sand play.  Children can even use the bucket and lid to store toys and the cups to keep crayons tidy when not at the beach.  Unlike regular plastic toys, this ‘green’ alternative emits no distasteful odours.

There is something special about Zoë b Organic products.  As well as doing our ‘bit’ for the planet, children will adore this set.   The Fantastic Anti-Plastic Beach Toy set is available in pink/orange and turquoise/lime colours.  Do take a look at the Zoë b Organics website to explore other attractive biodegradable children’s items.

Price: approximately $22