Tug and Max come to life in a new 60-page paperback book created exclusively for Turquoise by acclaimed children's author Abi Elphinstone and hugely talented illustrator, Jess Grant. The book tells the story of the painfully shy, unconfident little boy and his well-travelled Grampy Joe, who inspires Max's dream of an adventure across Thailand's turtle-filled beaches, lush jungles, charming hill tribe villages and vibrant cities, and above all with a lost little elephant who brings out Max's great gift of all – kindness - as he overcomes his fears to return little Tug to the safety of his family. The beautifully illustrated book will be printed and available to order directly through Turquoise, or two of the leading UK family publications, Conde Nast Traveller and Family Traveller Magazine from late May.  

Both the Tourism Authority of Thailand and the Turquoise team hope that their campaign will educate travellers about the Asian elephant population in Thailand including the sensitive subject of conservation often overlooked by holiday companies. A percentage of revenue generated from bookings made through the campaign will be donated by The Turquoise Holiday Company to the Elephant Family charity, an NGO which strives to conserve and protect the threatened Asian Elephant population through projects such as the creation of elephant corridors, and empowering local experts to support sustainable elephant programmes across Asia.

The elephant conservation theme is also reflected by The Turquoise Holiday Company's latest swimwear partner, Love Brand & Co, who responsibly produces 'trunks for trunks' meaning that Dads, boys and tots can strut that their stuff in trendy beachwear safe in the knowledge that even their fashion sense is contributing to saving the Asian elephant population. All Turquoise guests will be given voucher codes for a pair of Love Brand trunks as a gift when they book holiday to Thailand before 28 July 2017. Trunks for trunks will also be available as giveaways via Turquoise's social media platforms throughout June and July.

Thailand is one of The Turquoise Holiday Company's best-selling family holiday destinations, with superb nature experiences and wildlife safaris, as well as their pick of the best beach and city resorts, floating lake and jungle camps and island hideaways. Turquoise has devised a new, comprehensive family holiday guide to Thailand giving a taster of their top picks for accommodation and lots of adventure itineraries combining beach, city, the colourful cultural triangle, and of course sustainable elephant experiences.

Turquoise has a number of holiday itineraries to inspire adventurers of all ages. Follow in the footsteps of Max and Tug and choose from one of several jungle and beach safaris perhaps combining the renowned Elephant Hills Sanctuary camp in Khao Lok National Park with some luxury beach time on Phuket and Koh Samui, or, perfect for older families, a cycling and rafting adventure holiday  in the remote villages and beautiful landscapes of Northern Thailand.  

As always, the Turquoise team of Thailand specialists is fully clued up with local and insider information on each and every region to make sure families get the most out of their holiday with resorts and itinerary options for every time of year, tried and tested kid's clubs, child friendly restaurants and activities for all ages right up to scuba diving, hiking, canyoning and climbing for older kids.

To get your copy of Tug the Elephant, visit the Turquoise Holiday website, call 01494 678400 or arrange an appointment with one of their specialist Thailand consultants at their shops in Beaconsfield or Battersea.