Boasting an impressive geographic and ecological diversity, visitors can experience birdwatching, the cherry blossom season and the myriad hot springs.

Cherry blossom

The flower blooming season is still going strong during the month of April. Try visiting Wulai, Yangmingshan National Park and Alishan Forest. Yangmingshan National Park attracts over two million visitors a year to the annual Yangmingshan Flower Festival which is free for visitors to attend. Taking place in the Alishan Forest Recreation Area of the mountain resort of The Alishan National Scenic Area, visitors can see the Formosa cherry blossom and the Japanese Alpine cherry tree which look just stunning. One of the festival's highlights is the Japanese flowering cherry, a snow-like pale white flower. Visit to find out more.


The landscape boasts a dramatic mountain range with numerous peaks and is fringed by a broad, flat coastal plain. Visitors can observe the Taiwan Yuhina, White-Collared Bush robin, White-Eared Sibia and Steere's Liocichla.

Hot Springs

With more than 100 hot springs across the country, Taiwan has one of the highest concentrations and greatest variety of thermal springs in the world.

The island boasts a unique environment that produces high-temperature springs, with crystal-clear waters, commonly used for spas and resorts.  It is worth visiting the Guanziling hot spring, one of the fantastic four main hot springs in Taiwan.  It is a therapeutic mud spring of a rare cloudy type, rich in minerals and chemicals that can only be found in a handful of places in the world including Taiwan, Italy and Japan.

Spring is an excellent time to visit Taiwan with many tour operators offering great packages. For more information, please visit: