A newly launched, exhilarating adventure is available in Sweden. The Winter Experience by DynaTech introduces participants to the thrill of driving on pure ice and snow, in combination with several other outdoor adrenaline-inducing and fun activities.  Included in the challenge are snowmobiles and dog sleds. The trip takes place at Arjeplog, a winter hub for the automotive industry, giving guests the chance to travel right within the Arctic Circle and through the heart of northern Sweden’s fascinating nature landscape.

The Experience includes guidance from The DynaTech Performance Team.  It also provides the privilege of exclusive access to Colmis, a world leading proving ground where key players of the international automotive industry test their latest models and prototypes every year.  This explains why signing a confidentiality agreement is required upon entry.

Participants can enjoy the exceptional opportunity to see from the front row some of the performance team’s breathtaking control and manoeuvres.

Besides the driving academy, participants may explore a magical fairytale of invigorating and fun activities, such as getting close to herds of reindeers in their natural environment, spotting moose on a ‘safari’ in Lapland and exploring local culture on a visit to the Silver Museum.  Visitors will discover a landscape marked not only by beautiful forests and unique wildlife, but also by the mesmerizing ‘Northern Lights’ phenomenon.

Customers can choose the duration of their trip, although the recommended package is a duration of 4 days. The season runs between January until the beginning of April.  February and March are considered to be the ideal months, when the daylight and ice quality relation is at its optimum condition.

Telephone: +46 (0)730-789270