It is hard to put into words just how intriguing the event will be with many Nobel Prize winners, along with Dr. Brian May, sharing their knowledge. The festival takes place at the Mare Nostrum Resort complex in Playa de las Américas. 

Even better, is the launch of the Stephen Hawking Medal for Science Communication at the festival, which recognises those hard-working people whose scientific passion contributes to dissemination through different disciplines.

Lead guitarist of Queen and astronomer Dr. Brian May will also be attending and performing with rock legend Rick Wakeman. Music lovers can sit with like-minded souls and enjoy a 'Sonic Universe' concert by English artist Sarah Brightman and the Tenerife Symphony Orchestra.

Starmus Festival III will also bring together a total of 11 Nobel Prize laureates in Physics, Chemistry, Medicine and Economics – including Robert Wilson and David Gross, Nobel Prize winners in Physics in 1978 and 2004, respectively. All of the 11 winners will address global issues, such as the effects of climate change and inequalities in economic growth, in a wide variety of discussions.

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