Stunning views over Ljubljana

Tourists looking for a romantic city break in Europe may flock to Paris and Rome - but with a name that translates as 'beloved', a language that has special expressions for pairs and couples, and a beautiful medieval centre, the Slovenian capital of Ljubljana could in fact be Europe's most romantic city.

Urban Adventures, the global city tour company, has launched a new 'bites and sights' walking tour of Ljubljana, which is led by a local guide.  Rather than tick off the big sights, it takes travellers into the city's most atmospheric neighbourhoods and  interesting streets, stopping at taverns, cake shops, bars and schnapps sellers to sample locally-produced wines, cheeses, charcuterie, schnapps and local snacks. Many of these specialities are hard to find outside of Slovenia.

During the tour, Urban Adventures' local guide tells stories of Slovenian Romantic poets including France Preseren, who is immortalised in the statue that sits right at the heart of the city, in Preseren Square. Travellers will also learn how the Slovenian language, with its special grammatical form of expression for pairs and couples, can truly be called the language of love.  With the word 'love' appearing in the country's name too, Ljubljana can make a romantic out of even the hardest of hearts!

Over three hours, the Ljubljana Bites & Sights tour winds its way through the city, taking in picture-perfect views of the Triple Bridge and Ljubljana Castle, wandering through an idyllic neighbourhood with a tiny canal running through it, and finishing at a rooftop cafe that offers stunning views across the city.

Urban Adventures' global sales manager, Klaudija Janzelj, hails from Slovenia and although she now lives in London, she will return to her home city of Ljubljana to guide the first departures of the new tour.  The Ljubljana Bites & Sights tour departs daily (Tuesdays to Saturdays) from 22nd April and can be booked at