Chimu's own office in Rio de Janeiro enables them to have full visibility over the quality and security of their Brazil trips. The team in-country work twenty-four hours a day to assess the safety, viability and authenticity of the partners they work with so that Chimu clients and agents have the peace of mind that they will receive the travel package they paid for. This makes it a great destination for travellers who want to invest their holiday money somewhere reliable in 2020.

Visiting Brazil has also recently become more accessible for Australian, US, Japanese and Canadian citizens due to the abolition of visas. From June 17th 2019, tourists from these countries can visit Brazil visa-free for up to 90 days, as can UK citizens who had this right previously. This move materialised a year after Brazil shifted its visa process online which reportedly had a positive impact on tourism. The waiving of visas entirely for these nationalities is predicted to be another great step in encouraging additional visitors to the country and a less complicated holiday option for more people.

Another reason why visiting Brazil is appealing for foreign visitors in 2020 is that it is extremely reasonable. Low inflation and the weakening of the Brazilian Real means that prices for tourists are cheap, thus it is an ideal time to support local businesses and maximise your time here. Chimu work with non-chain hotels and unique experiences throughout the country to bring travellers something memorable. For example, their Discover Rio itinerary can be tailored to incorporate locally-run tours such as Eat Rio which dives into regional Brazilian cuisine via local markets and restaurants.

Finally, an increase in flight routes in Brazil will open more destinations in the country and make combining Brazil with other South American destinations easier. Mid-December sees Gol Airlines commence direct flights between Lima and Brazil which means that a total of three airlines will be offering direct between Peru and Brazil, connecting Lima directly with five cities in Brazil. Itineraries such as Chimu's Peru and Brazil Highlights can be tailored to take advantage of these new routes.

Chimu Co-founder Chad Carey is excited to see how these developments will impact tourism in Brazil: “Brazil is a huge country and its size reflects the diversity of experience travellers can have here – from cruising remote Amazon tributaries and understanding how this mighty forest is the heart and lungs of the world to discovering remote tropical islands. We want to highlight Brazil as the exciting and accessible destination it is in 2020 and help more travellers visit.”

Chimu Adventures offer a wide range of Brazil itineraries, all of which can be tailored according to travel style and budget. Their Destination Specialists have travelled the country extensively so will talk potential travellers through the various options. Contact them here.