Water is an important feature here, and its importance is reflected in the villa's name which translates to 'the singing river Pangi' - a reference to the small river that borders the property and enhances the ambience with its therapeutic melody. This sound is echoed throughout the villa's grounds, with water features, fountains and trickling fishponds cascading over terraces to create a calm and soothing atmosphere.

The stunning three-bedroom Villa Pangi Gita at Pererenan pays homage to its Balinese heritage while providing guests with every modern comfort. Designed for relaxation, peace and privacy, the villa presents a traditional-style living and sleeping pavilions featuring polished teak and terrazzo floors, vaulted ceilings, ironwood shingle roofs, and floor-to-ceiling windows that open out to the emerald-green surrounds.

Guests will be reluctant to stray far from the open-sided living pavilion, the cosy media room or the bale (relaxation pavilion) that overlooks the alluring free-form swimming pool. However, a short stroll through the charming village and captivating rice terraces, along with a sunset drink at nearby Echo Beach, should not be missed.

The warm smiles of the staff, the hypnotic sounds of flowing water and the sheer beauty of this little piece of paradise are bound to delight families, attract couples and seduce even the most hardened workaholic into restful submission.