Strong influences from Japan and Mainland China create a delicious melting pot of dishes and many of Taiwan's regions have their own mouth-watering specialities which will delight visitor’s palates. Why not travel to Tainan and sample Himu Yu and Dou Hua? Taichung is home to the best Suncakes while the capital of Taipei has many streets selling delectable street food.


Tainan, in the southern part of the island, is considered to be the culinary centre of Taiwan. The 'city of snacks' attracts people from far and wide to try the vast array of dishes which are served up everywhere from the West Central District to the Anping District. These dishes are particularly good for visitors wishing to sample traditional Taiwanese cuisine.

Tainan's specialities include Danzai Mian and Shimu Yu (milkfish soup). Shimu Yu is a southern Taiwanese speciality made with a whole milkfish and sliced ginger for extra zest. Milk fish are described as being the 'fish of every household'. Interestingly, Tainan is home to its own Milkfish Palace, where visitors are invited to delve into the history and best recipes for milkfish.

Tainan, once an Asian hub of sugar production is famous for its sweet dishes such as the delicious Dou Hua. This sweet tofu dessert is coated with sticky syrup and topped with flan. It is worth noting that visitors will not find high-end type restaurants, but do not worry there are bustling markets filled with vendors offering freshly cooked, authentic Taiwanese cuisine for incredibly affordable prices.

Taipei also hosts the Chinese Food Festival each year during August. Attracting over 100,000 people from all over the world, the food festival introduces visitors and locals alike to the most popular Taiwanese and Chinese cuisine alongside some of the more unique dishes such as scorpions and bak kut teh.

There can be no room for disappointment on such a foodie type holiday and the menu will certainly expand visitor’s food horizons!

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