Bunnychow is a South African street-food concept that has recently landed in Soho. With a menu that centres on feisty, flavoursome ‘bunnys’ - freshly baked buns, hollowed out, crammed with delicious hot fillings and topped with a bread ‘lid’ - Bunnychow has transformed a traditional Durban workers meal with bold recipes and a modern and imaginative twist,

Having brought Bunny Chow from the sugar cane fields of South Africa to the streets of London via a hugely successful food truck and a pop-up at BoxPark, Bunnychow is now going back to its African roots with its new permanent Wardour Street site. Following a venue redesign that has increased covers to 28, Bunnychow launced a new core bunny menu and a range of fresh juice cocktails in early February.

Bunny Chows began in Durban in the 1940s as a portable lunch solution for migrant Indian plantation workers that were often banned from certain cafes during Apartheid. Since the traditional Indian meal of roti & beans tended to fall apart easily, they filled loaves with curry and topped it with the bread lid. The bunny chow was created and has developed over the years to become a hugely popular street food. While travelling across Africa, Bunnychow CEO, Atholll Milton, saw their potential and introduced them to London in 2013.

Bunnychow’s new menu of ‘bunnys’ feature big flavours and aromatic sauces that take inspiration from South Africa’s distinctive culinary traditions. Created by Head Chef Finn Baird, the newly introduced bunnys include; the ‘Durban Bunny’, which bears the most resemblance to the original Bunny Chow, and the ‘Chakalaka Bunny’, which is inspired by a spicy relish first developed in the townships of Johannesburg.

Perfect for a filling breakfast, lunch on the go, a casual dinner or post work drinks and snacks, Bunnychow has brought an entirely new eating and drinking experience to London.

Opening Hours - Monday to Saturday: 9am - 11pm, Sunday: 10am – 9pm at 74 Wardour Street, London, W1F 0TE
For full details visit www.bunnychow.com