1st February

Bird watching with the experts
9.30am to 11am

This practical session will help you identify different birds and understand more about them. An expert warden will take you on a journey around the wildlife reserve. It will focus on birds currently on-site, their plumage, calls and behaviour. You can also receive tips on how to watch birds including field craft, what to listen out for and the differences between the key species.

WWT London Wetland Centre is a great place to spot bitterns. Another notable bird species is the Catty’s warbler, which, unusually for a warbler, is present all year round. Catty’s warblers rarely nest in central London, but, bred at the reserve for the first time in 2010, raising two broods of chicks!  You can also expect to see numerous wintering duck species such as shoveler and gadwall, and other seasonal visitors like fieldfares, redwings, mealy and lesser redpolls and siskins. 

The walk lasts for an hour and a half and costs £10, plus admission to the Centre. Please bring your own binoculars/telescope where possible. 

Booking is essential:

Telephone 0208 409 4400

14th to 22nd February (half term)
Eggs, Bugs & Rock ‘n’ Roll

Love is in the air and at the London WWT you can discover how birds, bugs and mammals attract a mate, their dating habits and what sort of partner they make.  You can also learn how animals use melody to make themselves more attractive.

The Eggs, Bugs & Rock ‘n’ Roll show is a fun and fascinating look at how animals meet, mate and mind their off-spring. After all, birds do it, bees do it, and even educated fleas do it – so come along and find out how!  Suitable for all ages over 8 years. Reserve your tickets now by emailing info.london@wwt.org.uk  Tickets are free with paid admission to the Centre.

And it is a good time of year to build a Love Nest. Why not decorate a bird box to give a good home to a young (feathered) couple?  Alternatively, you can build a bird feeder from scrap, also known as the Scrap Cheep Challenge!  Some charges apply.

28th February to 22nd March

There is so much to do at the London WWT for all of the family.  It is also a  fantastic time of year to explore and spot the first signs of spring to discover which birds have returned from their winter ‘holiday’ in warmer climates.  

For further information:

Telephone: 0208 409 4405