If exploration is your passion and you are seeking a once-in-a-lifetime experience, then look no further than Frontiers Travel, which has organised a prodigious 38-days, eight country voyage from the stunning West Indies, to fascinating Buenos Aires.  The trip will remain in your memory for life, as it takes you through magical, wondrous haunts in South America, to places that you might never have visited and might be unlikely to revisit in your lifetime!

The voyage is aboard the impressive National Geographic Explorer, which commemorates 125 years of the National Geographic organisation, and it will have many exciting highlights. Accompanying you will be its renowned photographers, who will trek through the unspoilt jungles of Guyana, visiting UNESCO World Heritage protected sites and exploring the never-ending Orinoco, the snaking Amazon River and Guyana’s largest river, the Essequibo, allowing unique picture-taking opportunities.

The stunning South American journey will guide you through exciting rainforests, across river deltas and to explore stunning islands. You will visit Brazil’s untouched Fernando de Noronha archipelago, with its turquoise, crystal clear waters, picture-perfect beaches and fascinating wildlife, such as sea tortoises and manta rays. The ability to explore energetic cities adds a frisson of spiciness and retail therapy to the trip, along with various visits to quaint colonial towns and outlying settlements.

Naturally, other like-minded souls, such as naturalists and regional specialists, will be accompanying you on expeditions, as you glean fascinating facts about the wildlife, the topography and the many friendly peoples. You might even indulge in invaluable workshops with Emmy Award-winning filmmakers.

The cruise takes place between 18th September and 25th October 2013. Prices start at around £23,010 per person. A useful incentive is available, if you book before 30th June, as you will be offered a complimentary airfare (valued at around £1,390). Frontiers Travel possesses invaluable experience in providing luxury and bespoke trips to delight its clients. It employs 75 travel specialists at its offices in Wexford, Pennsylvania, and within its Gloucestershire, UK premises. They will be happy to provide invaluable, honest advice about your requirements in this most specialised of travel arenas.

Although it is said that ‘money can’t buy you love’, it can provide treasured memories and excitement beyond the realms of personal imagination. You will not be disappointed with the decision to book the trip of a lifetime.

For more information, telephone 001 800 2451950 (USA office),  01285 741340 (UK office).  Visit: www.frontiersej.com/epic