Led by breeding male Amoro, the herd consists of four males and six females. Keepers are slowly introducing the herd, who arrived from Beale Park and Houghton Hall Alpacas, to new people and soon they’ll be happily hand-feeding from their daily visitors.  The Great Woburn Railway train runs to their new home on an hourly timetable each day, and keepers will be on hand to guide lucky visitors on how to gently coax the alpacas to feed on a tasty choice of grains and carrots.

Alpacas originate from Peru, Bolivia, Equador and Chile, in South America. They are an ancient species who were domesticated by the Incas more than 6,000 years ago and raised for their gorgeous fleeces which were reserved exclusively for the nobility.
All about Alpacas:

  • Alpacas were first imported to the US and Canada in 1984 – this herd has now grown to over 20,000!
  • Alpacas can help our health and wellbeing: hospitals, care homes and therapy centres use them as therapy animals to help patients across the world.
  • Their fleeces are hypoallergenic, strong, smooth and silky, and resistant to both fire and water!
  • Alpaca fleeces come in 22 colours and hundreds of shades