'Twin” trains

It was discovered that the locomotive currently operating on the Brienz Rothorn Bahn (BRB) in Switzerland, was built in the same factory as the locomotives operating on the SMR, making the two trains 'sisters'. In September the steam locomotives will be re-united for the first time in 126 years, sitting alongside each other and marking the first time that an operational Swiss train is in public service in the UK.

To commemorate the occasion, a programme of activities has been planned during the month of September. Free rides on the Swiss locomotive will be available during a special timetable.  Visitors will be invited to explore the locomotive, have a photo taken with Swiss St. Bernard dogs or sample Swiss delicacies. Guests will also be able to enter a competition to win a holiday to Switzerland and explore the home of scenic railway journeys.

Guests will be able to travel for free on the Swiss locomotive, operating on a first come, first served basis on the day of visit. Visitors looking for further information are invited to contact Switzerland Travel Centre on 00800 100 200 30