The Mindfulness Summer Camp encourages children to learn stress techniques in a fun way. Reassuringly, it is about giving young children the space and time not always readily available during school term times.  

There is no question that children can do with a break from everyday routines involving homework and school activities, just as much as adults require a chill-out from domestic drudgery!

Mindfulness helps with attention and thinking skills, and develops bodily awareness and coordination. Mindfulness helps young people connect with the present moment, let go of worries about the past or the future.

It is good to see that young people get to learn fun new skills and also take away some great exercises that all the family can practice.


The Mindfulness Summer Camp is based in the lovely environment of Challock Health and Fitness in Kent. A great room is available for the indoor activities and there is an enclosed outdoor grass space and woods to explore. There is also a café.

‘Doing' activities include: ‘Mind in a Jar' (glitter bottle), ‘Mind balloons' (an activity juggling balloons and talking/singing), nature walks and ‘the Spaghetti Test' (practising how tension feels in our bodies and how to release it).

Calming activities include: Mindful breathing (to help calm body and mind), Mindful walking (raising our awareness and in some activities building trust), and Mindful eating (paying more attention to our food).

Ages and abilities:

The programme is designed for young people aged 8 years and above, and for mixed abilities.

The sessions will take place in small groups of 4 - 6 young people.

Dates and times:

The programmes are designed to take place over 3 half-days: 

10am to 1pm and 2pm to 5pm.

Please note: for the Mindful eating exercise (lunch or mid-afternoon snack) parents/carers will be asked to provide food.

Young people are encouraged to attend for 3 consecutive morning, or afternoon sessions. However it is possible for them to attend single sessions, and they can attend more than one week.

The programmes will take place in August on Mondays and Wednesdays.


Individual sessions: £25

Group of three sessions: £65

Mindfulness for children is becoming ever more popular and it is not difficult to see why, with computer screens and devices, often taking up much-needed headspace. 

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