This awesome event takes place from 13th to 21st February. Families can view 11 sharks with 2 lemon sharks, 3 zebra sharks, 2 sand tiger sharks and 4 smooth-hound sharks to wow visitors. All of these intriguing species have joined the Aquarium recently.

Even better, is the very popular Sleeping with Sharks event. This takes place on 19th February. Families can experience the underwater world of sharks at night-time. The magnificent creatures will be swimming silently overhead and children will need courage to spend the night in their company!

The recommended age for the sleepover is 5 to 15 years. A fantastic evening is planned with a tour of the Aquarium, arts and crafts in the Just Add H2O Creative Centre, games around the building, a big screen movie in front of the Eddystone Reef tank and a midnight snack. A continental breakfast will also be provided the next day. There is no doubt that children will sleep extremely well after so much excitement!

Take a look at the exciting activities timetable below:

10:30 Rockpool Feed

11:00 Fintastic Shark Show

11:30 Shark Walk

12:00 Coral Show

13:00 Eddystone Talk

13:00 Shark Walk

13:30 Octofactor - with Giant Pacific Octopus

14:00 Dive Show

15:00 Fintastic Shark Show

15:00 Octofactor - with Giant Pacific Octopus

15:30 Shark Walk

16:00 Coral Show

Find out more and book tickets by telephoning 0844 893 7938.