Over the summer season Longleat is hosting the Dinosaurs Alive: A Prehistoric Adventure event which features many awesome prehistoric creatures.  Families can walk alongside huge, moving dinosaurs, which includes a 12-metres long brachiosaurus and an eight-metres long tyrannosaurus rex.  Children will find the whole experience totally awesome!   

Other extinct species making an unexpected comeback are stegosaurus, triceratops and megalosaurus.  Young visitors can enjoy the new dinosaur discovery zone using their  paleontology skills to unearth bones from these pre-historic creatures.

There are also daily reptile encounters planned with some ‘living dinosaurs’ that have remained remarkably unchanged for millions of years.  This will provide a true learning opportunity for children, with fun included. 

Longleat is also showing the Za Ji Acrobatics performance.  This wondrous event takes place inside its very own purpose-built giant marquee, which can seat more than 500 spectators.   ‘Za Ji’, translates as acrobatics in Mandarin and features amazing theatrical performances by a team of gymnasts from China’s Sichuan province. 

The Sichuan Chunmiao Acrobatic Troupe is world-famous and has created a mix of choreographed acrobatic routines featuring dramatic art performances to create shows which are simply magical.  Visitors will be mesmerised as they watch shows incorporating elements of strength and agility, with acrobats performing gravity-defying leaps through hoops and impressive balancing acts.

Combining China’s extraordinary heritage, folklore and legendary myths with modern-day performance techniques the show displays amazing athleticism, skill and precision of the artists, both individually and as part of a team.

Visitors can also watch giant drum and vase juggling with live performers completing fabulous synchronised routines, alongside spinning diablos and even hat juggling. 

There is no doubt that the events at Longleat will keep the whole family entertained this summer season.

For more information on Longleat’s fun experiences telephone 01985 844400, or visit: