It kind of makes sense to hold a fire ceremony to see in the New Year, as after all, historically, fire is seen as an extinguishing force in many cultures around the world.  The Stonehaven ritual is believed to date back over one hundred years and today still makes an enthralling experience for families.  The idea is to burn away the bad spirits of 2014 to welcome in the New Year.

Before the ceremony each fireball ‘swinger’ makes up their own combustible items for their cage which consists of a wire handle to keep flames at arm’s length.  As the excitement builds and the town hall clock signals midnight the ceremony begins for real and visitors will be mesmerised by the fireball flames for an impressive 25 minutes!

There will be a lead up to the ceremony from 11pm with a pipe band and a drumming band to entertain the crowds.  After the ceremony a fabulous firework display takes place which can be seen from all around the town.

FREE event on 31st December from 11pm

Venue: located around the Harbour area of Stonehaven, Scotland