Visitors can explore the galleries which will be open on the night to discover awesome science facts.  The idea is to browse and learn, followed by a foodie type session!

The team at the Centre will be available to test your taste-buds and discover why some people adore strong, smelly cheeses and another person finds them totally abhorrent!  Alternatively, why other people adore green vegetables and others will not touch them.

After much exploration the cheese tasting sessions begin, with international, national and regional cheeses available to sample.  There will also be an opportunity to meet local food suppliers and producers with their various offerings.

Below is included in your entrance ticket:

Cheese tasting

Drinks tasting - try new and exciting drinks which go well with cheese (not just wine...)

Food Pairing suggestions - meet our experts and understand why certain things work well together

Puzzle your Palate – strange tastes and smells

The Science of Taste – what do we taste and why?

Mini Market – local producers – sample and an opportunity to purchase

This event is sure to be great fun and the tickets are very reasonably priced.

Timings: 7pm to 11pm

Adult ticket: £15 (annual passes not valid and for over 18’s only)

Telephone: 0845 605 2001