The event takes place in the 12th century Keep, an impressive 30ft above ground level. The Raven Tor Living History Group will portray the life and times of Normans during that period.

Depicting the day-to-day life of those preparing to set off on the perilous crusades, this event promises thrilling weaponry and armour demonstrations, combat presentations from knights in shining armour and an array of authentic Norman craft activities.

Visitors will also be able to admire stunning medieval garments, as worn by each of the performers. Costumes range from military to civilian fashion, but all stay true to the styles, materials and construction methods of the 12th century, ensuring beautiful and authentic garments.

With plenty to see and do across the two day event, Normans and Crusaders in the Keep offers an insight into the Normans period which is sure to enthral visitors of all ages.

As the final event of the Castle’s 2014 season, this is the last opportunity for keen history fans and budding young knights alike to experience Sussex’s history bought to life at Arundel Castle.

Tickets are priced from £9 for children, £11 for adults. Arundel Castle will close on 02 November 2014 and will reopen on 28 March 2015.

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