It seems Kent is the place to be this August with over 70 events a day planned at Broadstairs Folk Week. Of course, there is plenty of talent on offer including  Seth Lakeman and Bella Hardy & the Midnight Watch to name a few. On Saturday 8th August take a trip to Broadstairs town and experience the Big Parade who will showcase live music and help you to soak up the atmosphere of this fabulous event. 

It is worth noting that a campsite is located at the Charles Dickens School allowing you to indulge for the whole week of the Festival.  This family friendly campsite is offering plenty of events to keep everyone happy including country dancing, traditional dance workshops, late night entertainment, children’s early teatime activities and the wondrous Panic Circus!  Teenagers are invited to bring their own instrument and join fabulous ‘Funky World Band’ to make up new tunes and discover hidden musical talents.

There is no doubt that Broadstairs Folk Week will be a memorable event for all ages this summer.

Date: 8th to 15th August 2014

Telephone: 01843 604080 (Box Office)

Please visit website for ticket packages: