Feeding the Deer

Escape to the high tops to marvel at the snow covered landscape and discover a land steeped in history, culture, nature, and breath-taking views.

Each Land Rover is equipped with snow chains and your experienced Safari Ranger will take you on a journey into this sub Arctic wilderness. Learn from your Safari Ranger about the winter wildlife and how they survive in the cold and you may also be lucky enough to witness the elusive white Mountain Hare, the snowy White Ptarmigan and the Majestic Red Deer.

Included in the Winter Watch Safari are tea, coffee, Kenmore Shortbread and a dram of Dewars Whisky in one of our heated Mountain Bothies, surrounded on all sides by inspiring mountain views.

On your return, relax and cosy up alongside our peat burning stove and enjoy great local produce in our café.  You can also get up close to our Red Deer herd on the Red Deer Encounter in our Deer Park, as you stroke and feed these magnificent animals. Visit www.highlandsafaris.net for further details