Masham Sheep Fair is a weekend of sheepy events. Prior to the First World War there were large sheep fairs in Masham every September when the hill farmers brought their lambs to the town to sell to lowland farmers for wintering and fattening up – between 60,000 and 80,000 sheep would be sold.   It would also be a social event with families getting together before the winter.   In 1986 we decided to have a weekend of sheep events to raise money firstly to support farmers in Africa and then for local charities.   The square is filled with sheep penned up for a sheep show with over 25 different breeds represented.  There is sheep racing, a sheepdog demonstration, spinning and weaving demonstrations, craft stalls, harvest flower displays in the church and chapel, a children’s fair, trips around the two breweries and a very entertaining ‘Sheep Show’ on a trailer, bands and processions. For details visit