To celebrate the launch of the National Trust’s list of 50 things to do before you are aged 11¾, the best places around the UK for outdoor adventures, including the greatest tree to climb, have been identified. In a bid to help children reconnect with nature, more than 1,700 children voted on their top outdoor activities and the reasons why.

Well over half of the children responding (63%) chose tree climbing, den building and bike riding as the top three activities. Around 51% agreed that tree climbing was the tops, as it is the most challenging. Interestingly, nearly 96% of parents felt that these activities help to strengthen their child’s relationship with the natural world.

National Trust chose the 45-feet high Nootka Cypress evergreen at Wallington, Northumberland, for tree climbing, after agreeing that its trunk height and branches made it ideal for mini adventurers. Other favourites on the list included going on a really long bike ride (60% of kids love it, because it involves the whole family) at Wimpole Estate, in Cambridgeshire, or building their own den (beloved by 73% of under-12s) at Lyme Park, in Cheshire.

The overall Top Ten activities and best places in the UK to experience them are:
1. Go on a really long bike ride – Wimpole Estate, Cambridgeshire
2. Build a den – Lyme Park’s woodland, Cheshire
3. Climb a tree – Wallington’s ‘the tree-climbing tree’, Northumberland
4. Cook on a campfire – Stackpole, Pembrokeshire
5. Hunt for fossils and bones – Birling Gap and the Seven Sisters, East Sussex
6. Discover what is in a pond – Florence Court, County Fermanagh
7. Track wild animals – Castle Drogo, Devon
8. Hold a scary beast – Clumber Park, Nottinghamshire
9. Go birdwatching – Kingston Lacy, Dorset
10. Go on a walk barefoot – Strumble Head to Cardigan, Pembrokeshire.

To help kids tick off their list, over the summer, the National Trust has over 7,000 ‘50-things’ inspired events and activities taking place around the UK.