During English Wine Week, a visit to a brand new Cornish winery, Knightor, was an absolute ‘must do’. While wine production is relatively new to England, despite the earliest examples dating back to the Roman invasion of two Millennia ago, Knightor takes a ‘New World’ approach, such as found in countries like Australia and New Zealand, of marrying wine tours and tastings successfully, with a first class restaurant.

Knightor also offers a wide range of English wines from other leading producers, including Camel Valley, Sharpham and Nyetimber. The price of a wine tour and two course lunch is a very reasonable £17.95 and for a tour with dinner it is £22.95, taken at any time throughout the growing season. You can learn all about viticulture, the basics of winemaking and obtain a taste for Knightor wines. Winemaker James Thomas provides greater technical insight into the process.

Set in a venue with the rustic charm of a granite farmstead in the Cornish countryside, yet containing the latest wine technology, Knightor is both special and unique. It is also a fantastic place to relax with a cup of coffee in its beautiful courtyard, or, with family or friends, to host a full-blown celebration. Situated near St Austell Bay, particular attention has been paid to the use of local Cornish produce in the restaurant. The Knightor winery itself lies on the site of a former ancient manor house on the edge of ‘clay country’. For more information visit: www.knightor.co.uk