Visit the fascinating Jane Austen’s House Museum situated in the village of Chawton, in Hampshire, on 1st April. Listen to the story of Jane Austen and her family performed by The Ruffled Umbrella, a small theatre company, which will perform scenes from Pride & Prejudice in the house and garden of this 17th Century home. It promises to be a captivating performance.

Jane spent the last eight years of her life in the house, which is now preserved in her memory. She wrote some of her best and most popular work here. The talented novelist is known worldwide for her famous books, especially ‘Pride and Prejudice’, describing the society of preindustrial England. You can gain an insight into Jane’s daily life, as well as her writing, which would have occupied a great deal of her time and would have included family meals with her much loved relatives, long walks and chatting and sewing in the evening.

April 1st. Museum entry fee applies only: adults £7.50, concessionary £6.00, children £2.00 (under-6s free). Visit: