While venues in London and around the country will be hosting the Olympic Games this
summer, with traditional disciplines including athletics, swimming and cycling attracting world attention, competitors will be battling it out in less-celebrated events such as cannon-fire, wrestling, shin-kicking and swordplay in the 400th Cotswold Olimpick Games in June.

England’s original Olympics were introduced by English barrister Robert Dover, whose festival of sport and pageantry today still includes the World Shin-Kicking Championships.

The sport involves contestants, who are allowed to protect their shins with straw, holding each other by the shoulder and trying to kick the shins of their opponents tobring them to the ground. A Stickler, the judge, ensures the shins are hit before a fall can count.

Chipping Campden hosts the Olimpicks on June 1 with the Scuttlebrook Queen procession and street fair the next day.

For more details go to www.olimpickgames.co.uk

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