With the Northern Lights on many travel bucket lists, the age-old question of “how can I increase my chances of seeing the Northern Lights” has been answered. Travelling further north on a specially designed itinerary to the point where the skies are dark 24-hours a day will increase your chances of experiencing spectacular displays of the Northern Lights.

The new experience from Off the Map Travel, available from November to late January when the winter sun doesn’t rise above the horizon, will see guests based in Funken Lodge, new luxury accommodation on the Island of Svalbard.

In contrast to other Arctic destinations further South the sun in Svalbard’s winter is at least 6 degrees below the horizon meaning it can be dark all day giving guests the chance to experience the Northern Lights at any hour.

Jonny Cooper, Arctic travel expert and founder of Off the Map Travel, said; “This new trip is an Aurora chaser’s dream with the chance to see the Northern Lights at any time of day. Not only that, but the experience of going to a destination where the sun doesn’t rise is makes this trip feel other-worldy, like you have been transported from earth to another planet.”

Svalbard is an area of contrasting seasons. In the Summer the midnight sun brings a riot of colour, whereas in Polar winter, when this new itinerary is available, delivers iconic snow-covered arctic tundra and permanent dark skies bringing with it the best possible skies for Aurora hunting.

At 78° North, this new itinerary is a true Arctic adventure – however with the comforts of Funken Lodge; spectacular dining from the Funktionaermessen Restaurant and once in a lifetime Northern Lights experiences, guests will also indulge in the finer side of Arctic life. Off the Map Travel’s Jonny Cooper adds “Svalbard gives you the chance to experience the Northern Lights whilst also getting to see spectacular geographical and cultural side of this gem of the North.”

As with any itinerary from Off the Map Travel, every adventure can be tailor-made to fit the wishes and requirements of any guest. As an example, the 4-day, 3-night Aurora All Day itinerary with Off the Map Travel, costs from £1249 per person, not including flights. This includes all of your transfers and three nights at the new Funken Lodge on a B&B basis. Also included are activities including dog sledding, snow shoe and ice cave tour, Northern Lights dinner, and a Snowcat Northern Lights adventure.


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