With its military background the company is renowned for offering adventurous expeditions to regions eschewed by many for their remoteness, or inaccessibility.

The first team will enter the Kalahari in September.  Minimalist and immersive in style, participants will learn how to use traditional San knives and axes.  Bushcraft skills will be tested to the limit on an extended foraging expedition in the remote Kalahari desert!

Teams will be equipped only with tools, water and their own initiative on a fascinating hunter-gatherer expedition.  Die-hard participants will track wildlife, locate nuts and berries and learn to survive in the wilderness!

Despite exploring an area notorious for large game, the team will be protected by the San bushmen's intuitive ability to read the land, understand the animals and their fresh tracks.  You cannot beat such an expedition for those wishing to try a one-off, thrilling experience in the bush. 

The expedition is in partnership with the Nanofasa Conservation Trust.

San bushmen exciting expedition highlights:

-    Forage for food and resources with hunter-gatherers.

-    Make and use traditional bush craft tools.

-    Learn about natural healing and bush botany.

-    Support Nanofasa Conservation Trust's local initiatives.

Other Secret Compass expeditions in 2015

Secret Compass is also sending exploratory expeditions into the jungles of Panama's Darien Gap, the wilds of Afghanistan's Wakhan Corridor, and the Nagaland region of north-west Burma. It is running two exploratory mountain bike (MTB) expeditions to Ethiopia and to Kyrgyzstan's Talas mountains.

There is no doubt that Secret Compass supply true adventure to travellers in abundance.

For more information visit the Namibia: Barefoot with the Bushmen

Telephone: 0207 096 8428