It is no secret that this part of the world is spectacular, with an abundance of culture, pristine beaches and luscious green jungles. 

There is no doubt that exploring off the beaten track allows travellers to experience the real Thailand, providing especial lifetime memories. 

It is worth checking out G Adventures who are offering a new, exciting trekking route.  The trip takes travellers to 3 indigenous communities and the idea is to help generate employment, alongside sustainable income, in remote areas of the country.

The new northern Thailand trek will visit the Pang Mahan region which is around 4-hours from Chiang Mai. An amazing 3-days, 2-nights trek will take visitors to the Lahu and Karen hill tribe villages which are not presently visited by tourists.  The 5-days Northern Thailand Hilltribes Trek is priced from £199 and longer itineraries are also available.

Interestingly, G Adventures is launching another four worthwhile social enterprise experiences by the end of 2015. Example trips are below:


The aim is to provide travel industry education to Queensland’s young Jirrbal Aboriginal people so that they can work closer to home and preserve ancient, valued, traditions.


   The plan is to launch community-based tourism on Floreana. In turn, the local economy can benefit from overnight stays and create employment for young people and women.


Working with indigenous communities in the Sierra Nevada to help them benefit from tourism and protect their heritage and culture.   

Find out more about the worthwhile itineraries available through G Adventures by telephoning 0344 272 2010