Nowadays we receive many requests for charitable donations, but the My Million To One charity is rather unique.  Alana Hurd has pledged to raise £1 million by November 2014 to fund a home for abandoned, disabled children in Southern Africa.  Interestingly, the cause has enlisted the support of 100s of travel companies and well-known adventurers.

It is worth visiting the My Million To One website which offers money-saving opportunities by travel companies – all you need to do is become a member at a cost of just £1, a one-off donation, which is not much at all.

There are some fabulous opportunities available for members, with companies like Across The Divide offering £200 off their trips to Machu Picchu and dog sledding in the Arctic.  Also, Dragoman, Trek America and Grand American adventures are offering trip discounts.  There is also a wide range of holidays made more affordable as part of this unique campaign to fund a children’s home. 

The charity began when Alana was asked to set-up a children’s home whilst volunteering in South Africa.  This was no small task and two small, local charities were approached.  They agreed to adopt 8 children provided money was found to pay for the children’s home, plus all their needs, education and rehabilitation costs.  Also that money would be provided to guarantee this would continue for the children’s lifetimes.

 The concept is that when one million people pay £1 just once, the interest alone will build and fund the children’s home in Africa and will never require further investment.

Do visit the My Million To One website and pay £1, just once.  This gives you membership to the website to browse the free, exclusive events and opportunities which may help you realise a few life-long ambitions.  Also, take a peek at the life changing raffle prizes on offer too.  More importantly, bask in the warm feel-good factor of helping those in need!

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