Baros Maldives has introduced ‘Fluo’ diving, or snorkelling which uses lights to generate the maximum amount of bio-fluorescence, known as blue light. 

Using special diving lights and masks allows keen adventurers to discover a vibrant, underwater world not seen during daytime diving excursions.  Diving at night in the sea off Baros is awesome and the numerous variety of underwater inhabitants will provide wonderful memories for visitors.

Interestingly, particular species of marine life absorbs part of the blue light and emits a different colour. This effect is called fluorescence and reveals unusual yellows, greens, pinks and blues when a special light is shone in the water. With a barrier filter fitted over the eye mask, the effect of looking underwater becomes mesmerising.

The Fluorescent Night Dives at Baros is conducted in small groups with a professional instructor who is experienced and qualified in Fluorescent Night Diving. While only certified divers can take part in the diving, it is reassuring to know that the marine biologists at the Marine Centre at Baros Maldives will happily escort capable snorkellers to also take part in this unique underwater experience.

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