Waterloo Weekend – 15 & 16 June (11am – 4.30pm)

“He is a bad general and it will be as simple eating breakfast!”

It is Sunday 18 June 1815 and Napoleon, the French Emperor, surveying the allied forces in the distance has just made his first, fateful, mistake…

The ensuing Battle of Waterloo, fought in a muddy field south of Brussels, was not only a showdown between two great military leaders, it would also become the decisive moment that brought to an end two decades of conflict. By the end of the day, the outcome of the battle would determine the fate of Europe.

However, much as Napoleon’s pre-battle boast came to haunt him, Wellington later admitted: “It was the nearest run thing you ever saw.”

On Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 June 2019, Apsley House, the London home of the Duke of Wellington, will be commemorating the anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo with an fascinating and exciting weekend of re-enactments, talks and remarkable displays – many of which will feature items once owned by Wellington and Napoleon themselves.

Bringing a sense of the colour, spectacle and drama of the Napoleonic Wars to life, the 95th Rifles – one of Wellington’s regiments – will be recreating some of the aspects of life for a soldier in the early 19th century. A number of real and replica weapons will be on display, with opportunities to hold various swords and muskets from Wellington’s era.

Visitors will also be able to see a Georgian surgeon demonstrate their ‘skills’ - recreating a time when doctors were, more often than not, barbers.

On a less gory note, there will be an opportunity to learn about Regency etiquette and social niceties within the magnificent setting of Apsley House.

The Waterloo Experience – 18 June (6:30-8:30pm)

On the actual anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo, Stephen Abs Wisdom, AKA Captain Abs, will don the costume of both British and French Regiments who fought at the battle, to tell remarkable tales of bravery, daily life and derring-do from the battlefield. The highlight of this special evening event is his recreation of the battle… with vegetables!?

For more information and to book tickets*, visit www.wellingtoncollection.co.uk, follow @ApsleyHouse on Twitter, @houseapsley1817 on Instagram and ‘Apsley House’ on Facebook.

*The Waterloo Weekend event is included with your normal entry ticket and free for English Heritage Members. No additional charges apply. The ticket price for the Waterloo Experience includes entry to the event only