Our penguins also have an important job to do this Christmas; during the festive period, visitors will have the opportunity to send Father Christmas a letter via  Penguin Post. Thanks to the new snowy 'South Pole Post Box' (which has sprung up in the chilly Penguin Point area) it connects directly to Father Christmas at the North Pole - making sure that everyone can send a letter to Santa this season. Parents can also visit our website to find out how to receive a reply for their little ones from the big man himself!

Other penguin festivities will include 'Sing-to the Gentoo' carol services with our special Marie Curie choir. Listen to festive songs as the birds settle down for their own 'Silent Night' – check our website for confirmed dates and times.

Penguin Point offers visitors a state-of-the-art viewing and learning experience complete with a colony of inquisitive Gentoo penguins. All these 'cool' encounters are included in the entrance price to the aquarium and visitors can also enjoy getting up close to over 10,000 colourful aquatic inhabitants representing over 600 species in 56 immersive displays.