Step aside, Houdini and let London’s original escapologist steal the show at the London Dungeon from 11th February 2017. An ideal event for the half term holidays it will map out how Jack Shepherd escaped from four prisons!  He was a small time thief in 1724 and liked nothing better than making a mockery of the prison system.  You may wonder how he actually escaped? The escapologist broke through ceilings to pick locks and make his daring getaway!

Guests visiting the London Dungeon from February will journey back to 1724 to come face-to-face with Jack at Newgate prison – where he has been caught by the thief catcher for the fifth time.

It was decided at the time to hang Jack as no prison would home him for fear of his escape. Guests will hear from the audacious convict as he tells the tales of escaping from four prisons with the help of his love, Bess and his handy carpentry skills.

After hearing his tales guests will be left wondering if they are watching the showman in action or have become part of his latest escape plan…will Jack face his fate or make one last getaway?

Of course, there is loads to see at the London Dungeon which highlights a long 1,000 years of London's dark, dark, past and makes it feel real for guests. Why not view Jack the Ripper who was elusive in his capture and the famous Guy Fawkes? 

A visit to London over the school holidays is a sure winner to escape boredom and offers a true learning experience about the City’s historical past at the same time.

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