There is never a dull moment for London visitors and 2017 is no exception. Whatever rocks your boat you can take your pick from a very long list of happenings.

It is a question of what do you fancy?  See a couple of highlights below:

The Southbank Centre: January (13th) 2017 to January 2018 

Get ready to indulge in a festival of fascinating Nordic art and culture. There is a brilliant choice of events including music, dance, theatre, visual arts, participation, talks and debates, and even gastronomy.

The idea is to explore curiosity and creativity through play. This event is for all ages, but especially children and teenagers. Moving beyond popular perceptions of 'Nordic Noir' the programme will feature Nordic culture and artists and provide an interesting playing field to some of the more 'hidden voices' from Greenland, Åland and the Faroe Islands.

Robots visit the Science Museum: 8th February to 3rd September 2017

The robots exhibition at the Science Museum will be awesome. Over 100 robots will be on display including a 16th-century mechanical monk, to robots from science fiction, and modern-day research labs! 

This exhibition will be interesting for visitors wishing to engage with working robots on display. Among many other highlights will be an articulated iron manikin from the 1500s, Cygan, a 2.4m tall 1950s robot with a glamorous past, and one of the first walking bipedal robots!

Camera, lights, action! London Short Film Festival: 6th January to 15th January 2017

Indulge in oldie films at the London Short Film Festival.  History will appear on screens at venues throughout London’s capital. Famed for its bold cross-arts programming, this celebration of short film attracts some of the most talented in the film industry.

Guests can look forward to a great selection of talks and discussions. Even better is the opportunity to glean knowledge and tips with the talented people behind the camera.