An exciting new multi-sensory experience at the London Dungeon delves into the Great Fire of London this spring season. It will be an awesome event and visitors will love learning more about this important part of our nation’s history.

The event 'Escape the Great Fire' will recreate the drama of one of the world's most famous disasters with live actors, themed settings and red-hot special effects.

Visitors can imagine what it felt like to live in 1666 when the Great Fire occurred. The sparks from Thomas Farriner's bakery in Pudding Lane have set the packed timber houses of London alight and the city has become a raging inferno. The flames are so hot that cooked pigeons are dropping out of the sky, the streets are running with molten lead and St Paul's is burning to the ground!

Londoners are fleeing the Capital, jumping onto boats on the river to escape the horrendous destruction as panic sweeps the city. Desperate guests will find sanctuary in the house of the Lord Mayor and meet his faithful servant whilst the carnage unfolds outside.

Oh no! The deafening sound of gunpowder explosions suddenly fills the air and screams ring out in the nearby streets: the fire fighters are blowing up houses to stop the fire spreading – and the Mayor's house is next! As the heat rises and the stifling smell of smoke spreads through the air, the flames begin to creep under the door, quickly engulfing the room as the house begins to collapse.

Those who do escape the fire will have plenty more scares (and a fair few laughs) in store as the London Dungeon unleashes 1000 years of London's dark history in 19 shows, featuring some of history's greatest rogues and villains, two thrilling rides and plenty of thrilling surprises.

To be part of this exciting historical event be sure to book tickets in advance: