The word intriguing takes on a new meaning with an exhibition of other horribly ‘Wicked Women’ in history to learn about!

The famous queen who led the ancient British Iceni tribe in around 60 AD was passionate in her hunt for the Romans who were cruel to her people, and her own beloved family. This event will take visitors through a journey showing how the brave leader tracked down her enemies, absolutely determined to reap her revenge! Amazingly, Boudica headed up an army which resulted in a huge number of deaths in her wake.

You cannot help but admire Boudica for successfully running her enemy, the Roman army, out of town with just a fraction of their resources. There is no doubt that she was cruel and ruthless to achieve her aim. However, the debate goes on - was Boudica just plain wicked, or just doing what a Queen must do to reclaim her precious land and protect her people? Families can watch the whole intriguing story and decide for themselves.

This thrilling exhibition continues in the London Dungeon with a selection of manipulative women and vile men to meet, from Sweeney Todd, to the well-known King, Henry VIII. Watch this space; even more ‘Wicked Women’ will be visiting the dungeon later this year!

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