There is no grander abode if you are fascinated by the Regency period in England.  This fabulous home was owned by the Duke of Wellington.

Visitors are being invited to experience the heyday of the Prince Regent and courtly life.  As part of the bicentenary celebrations for the Battle of Waterloo you can learn more about the Regency period and the home life of the powerful men of Wellington’s army and their wives.

Families can meet the Napoleonic gentry, learn how to dress a regency gentleman, discover more about their style, and witness the life of ladies during this period. There will also be opportunities for guests to put on their dancing shoes and learn how to dance Jane Austen style in the spectacular surroundings.

Apsley House was home to the Duke of Wellington after his victory over Napoleon at Waterloo.  It is remarkably unchanged inside the house since those days.  The superb art collection is considered to be one of the finest in London and includes paintings by Velazquez and Rubens. 

Do not miss Canova’s massive nude statue of Napoleon which is rather unique.  There is also a fabulous collection of silver and porcelain, the oldest surviving grand piano and the newly redisplayed Waterloo Gallery, which is on display for the annual commemorative banquet.

English Heritage has many fascinating properties and there are plenty of events provided all year round to keep visitors happy.  Find out more about the Apsley House event on Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th August, or an alternative one near to your area:

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