An amazing array of festivities will take place in London with performances commencing in Trafalgar Square, and then winding their way through London’s West End, before reaching the famous Chinatown.

There will be much excitement as a lion and dragon dance makes its way through the area, stopping at restaurants to wish the owners good luck for the coming year. Traditional craft stalls offering items to purchase and food stands will be selling delicious Asian meals.

Many of Chinatown’s restaurants will be serving traditional Chinese New Year menus to celebrate the occasion, featuring ‘lucky’ foods such as dumplings (symbolising gold ingots), clams (wealth), spring rolls (gold bars) and tangerines (wealth and luck).

Supported by The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, said: “London is one of the most exciting places in the world to celebrate Chinese New Year. This year we are marking the Year of the Sheep, an animal said to symbolise peace and harmonious co-existence. In our diverse city, with people from every culture and background living side by side, such qualities make a huge difference in helping to promote a spirit of mutual respect and friendship. As Londoners, we are proud to welcome Chinese New Year and celebrate the contribution that the Chinese community makes to the cultural and economic life of our city.”

10am: Parade begins North of Trafalgar Square, ending on Shaftesbury Avenue

12 noon to 1pm: Dragon and Lion Dance performance at the Trafalgar Square stage

12 noon to 5pm: Lion Dances throughout Chinatown

1.30pm: Cultures of China – Festival of Spring performance

3:30pm: Red Poppy Ladies Percussions Group performance

5pm to 6pm: Finale on Trafalgar Square stage

Full programme of performances and a map available at: