Brilliant fun at Oxford & Cambridge Goat Race on Sunday 6th April 2014

What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than watching the Oxford & Cambridge Goat Race taking place at Spitalfields City Farm.  The race participants are a goat named ‘Oxford’ and the other ‘Cambridge’.   

This is sure to be a fantastic event and you can take bets with the bookie on-site, or try the sweepstake to guess which goat pips it to the post first!  There is fun entertainment and refreshments planned around the route.

The timing of the event in previous years has coincided with the official Oxford & Cambridge boat race, but as this event is starting at 6pm this year, the goat race will take place earlier in the afternoon.

It is reassuring to know that Oxford & Cambridge are comfortable with the race as the route forms part of their daily exercise ritual.  They are friendly goats who are used to being viewed by members of the public on the farm and they are coaxed along with a bucket of food, always at their own pace.

All monies raised from the race go towards the upkeep of Spitalfields City Farm (a registered charity). 

Date: Sunday 6th April 2014

Time: Doors open 12pm, race takes place at some stage during the afternoon between 1pm and 5pm

Entry: adults £10, child (under 12) free

Venue: Spitalfields City Farm, London E1.

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